How to get Altered Element in Destiny 2

More ways to grind in Destiny 2.

A new season arriving in Destiny 2 means there are new currencies for you to earn in the game, and the Season of Arrivals is no different. You’ll be working with Eris and the Drifter as you attempt to learn more about the darkness, turning it into a weapon you will be able to use in the coming future. All of the time you’ve spent banking motes in Gambit matches has paid off, and now you have a small taste of what you’ll be able to do going forward. One of the new currencies in the game is the Altered Element.

Altered Element is one of the new rewards you will receive for completing daily Prismatic Recaster bounties. You will need to visit the Prismatic Recaster to earn Altered Element regularly. You can find it to the left of the Drifter, underneath the tower. Alongside the weekly quests that reward you Twisted Energy, the daily quests give you Altered Element, and you will be able to do four of these per day. After those four, you will need to wait for the next day to start to do more of them.

These daily quests will regularly rotate out for you to do different activities. For example, you may have to defeat combats using grenades, by using a heavy launcher or go after bosses anywhere in Destiny 2. The requirements vary, but the rewards remain the same. You will use Altered Element on the Improved Arsenal Focusing and the Improved Armor Focusing engrams available at the Prismatic Recaster.

With more Altered Element in your inventory, you will gain higher quality engrams through the Prismatic Recaster. Make sure to complete your daily bounties to receive more of it.