How to get an Auxiliary Partner in Phantasy Star Online 2

Create your own little partner.

Among Phantasy Star Online 2’s many features is the ability to have an Auxiliary, literally a little partner who can help you out in battle. You can level them right along with your character and hang out with them at your home. It can be a little confusing figuring out how to get an Auxiliary, but by following these steps, you’ll be paired up in no time.

There are two qualifications you will have to reach at first to make Auxiliary partners available. The first is that you will need to level your character to level 20. The second is that you have to progress enough with Afin, which won’t be very long, as you will just need to complete his most basic starter orders. Once you have done both of these things, our favorite friend, Cofy, will have the Auxiliary Course order available for you on ARKS.

Now it’s time to do some running around on ARKS. You will need to visit Astarte; if you are looking at Cofy, there is a gate entry to your left, and Astarte is behind the counter on the other side of the gate entry. Talking with her will have her explain Auxiliaries to you. Listen to her and then return to Cofy, who will give you the console furnishing for your personal quarters. This will complete the order.

Go to your personal quarters and place the console wherever you want it to go. You can interact with it but you won’t be able to call any Auxiliaries yet.

Now, it is time to head to the shopping plaza and head to the Salon (the bright pink store) on the second floor. Here, you can access “Manage Auxiliaries.” This will take you to a character creation screen where you can create your own partner. You will pick a main class, just like you did with your character. After that, you can head back to your personal quarters to interact with your console. You will see that you can finally see your partner there.

Now, you can pick a sub-class for them, equip whatever weapons you want them to have, and send them out on searches. Auxiliaries will come with private mini-orders that they can complete to level up, and they can also complete client orders for you. They won’t be able to complete all client orders for you, but there are several that they can. Of course, the higher level the Auxiliary, the more likely they will be at completing the orders.

Now you can have your own Auxiliary to pal around with all you want in the world of Phantasy Star Online 2.