How to get Anahir in Temtem

With the right team of temtems, you can rescue this tortured soul from the clutches of Clan Belsoto.

How to get Anahir

Out of all of the temtems you may have encountered thus far, Anahir’s story is the darkest. This temtem cannot be found in the wild, and truly, shouldn’t exist at all. Anahir is a result of Clan Belsoto’s scheme at Anak Volcano.

Their higher up, Dr. Hamijo, put a crystal temtem, most likely a Sherald, through extreme heat, traumatizing it and trying to make a new temtem type called ‘diamond.’ Here is how you can save Anahir.

Anahir in captivity
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Suggested Preparations

  1. Help along the way
    Be sure to return to the mini Temporium after defeating the other Clan Belsotos, but before taking on Dr. Hamijo. While the volcano itself is full of fire types, Hamijo have a completely different lineup. Take Oceara to help you fight off the untamed temtems on the way back with her water attacks.
    Recommended Temtem: Oceara
  2. Lightning Strikes Twice
    Use Nessla, Ganki, and Saku as your heavy hitters during your battle with Hamijo. The electric attacks will be the key to taking down Dr. Hamijo’s water and digital type temtems, while Saku will be more of a strong defense.
    Recommended Temtems: Nessla, Ganki, Saku
  3. I need healing!
    If you feel your temtems need a little extra boost against Dr. Hamijo, bring along some Balm+ and revives. You will not need any temcards to obtain Anahir.
    Recommended Purchase: 5 Balm+, 2 Revives
Recommended Preparations - Anahir
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Battling Dr. Hamijo

  1. Team Level
    Dr. Hamijo’s team is level 28 and his digital temtem is level 32. He only has five temtems, so having a team around level 28 should be fine
  2. Starting Duo
    Dr. Hamijo sends out Gazuma and Kalabyss first. The rest of his team is Zaobian, Taifu and, Saipat.
  3. Watch out for Toxic Ink
    Be sure to take out Kalabyss as soon as possible. Its attack is the only attack that will be very effective against a good amount of your temtems.
  4. To the right, to the right
    If your Nessla has the trait called Electric Synthesize, be sure to place Nessla on the right side of the battlefield, so they can heal themselves with chain lightning, rather than hurt their ally.
  5. In for the Kill
    Be sure you are landing very effective attacks against his digital temtem, Zaobian (water and electric type techniques will do the trick, so if Kalabyss, Gazuma, and Taifu are already taken down, Oceara can join the battle!)
Dr Hamijo
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Giving Anahir a New Home

  1. Lending a Hand
    Once Dr. Hamijo is defeated, you can choose to take Anahir under your wing and give it a better life. However, the damage done by Clan Belsoto cannot be undone.
  2. You messed up a perfectly good temtem is what you did. Look at it. It’s got anxiety
    Anahir’s two possible traits are both negative effects.
    Trauma: Every time Anahir is hit by a physical technique, their DEF is lowered, and every time they are hit by a special technique, their SPDEF is lowered. You may want to switch them out of future battles if they’re stats are lowered too far.
    Flawed Crystal: Mental, Toxic, and Electric techniques will 50 percent more damage to Anahir. Try to not use Anahir against Temtems that have techniques of those types.
  3. Other Choices
    You can also choose to leave Anahir there and come back for them later, or just choose to release them, but keep in mind, if you release Anahir, the only way to get another is via trade or starting over.
Anahir newly acquired
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