How to get and craft the hedge fence DIY project in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Have nature growing everywhere.

The Nature Day event has arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. From Apr. 23 to May 4, you have the chance to celebrate the eco-friendly event, and there are plenty of new furniture and garden items for you to craft. One notable item you want to add to your island is the hedge fence.

You can grab this item from Tom Nook. Once your Nature Day event has begun, go to your Nook Miles phone and look at the first challenge you need to do for Nature Day. It should be the one that is worth five times the regular nook mile rewards. After you complete the first challenge, you will have access to a hedge fence. You do need to speak Tom Nook after completing it to receive the DIY project.

Once you have the DIY project, you can freely begin to place the hedge fence anywhere you want on your New Horizons island. These are the items you need to complete:

  • 10 Weeds
  • 2 Stones
  • 5 Tree Branches

Once you have all these in your inventory, approach any of the workbenches you can access. You can freely place it along with any location in the game, rather than using a traditional wooden fence, you can use hedges to mark a notable pathway. These would look great in any area on your island where you’d like to promote nature as much as possible.