How to get and equip new characters in Genshin Impact

Make the party that helps you the most.

Genshin Impact

Image via miHoYo

You can change what partner character you take with you in Genshin Impact during your adventure. There are several party members you can choose to use in the game, and they’re also leveling up with you. These characters have several pieces of equipment you can give them to make them more useful, so making sure they have the best items on them during combat is an essential step.

Acquiring new characters is pretty straightforward. You need to do it through wishes that use Acquaint Fate. The wishes become available after you receive your glider, and you’re good to go to add them to your party.

To change out your party members, you won’t be able to do it in the party screen. This is where you can change out their attributes, weapons, artifacts, and various other customization options. Instead, you want to go to the main menu of the game and go to the Party Setup option.

In the Party Setup, you can pick and choose which of your party members you have with you during your adventure in Genshin Impact. Click on the character you want to bring into your party, and pick the character you want to switch them out for. The new party member will take the places of the previous one, and you should see all four available characters in the menu.

You can go to this screen to switch out any future party members you have whenever you receive a new one.