How to get and use Dandelion Seeds in Tower of Fantasy

Attack the fluffballs!

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There are a lot of items that you can find throughout the world of Tower of Fantasy. You can find everything from eggs, meat, mushrooms, and even Dandelion Seeds. Dandelion Seeds are one of the more common items that you can find. Dandelions are exactly what they appear to be, however, and some of them have extra items in them just waiting to be nabbed.

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How to get Dandelion Seeds in Tower of Fantasy

There are plenty of different plant species that you can find throughout Tower of Fantasy. One of the many types you will discover on your journey is Dandelions. These plants are easy to spot and typically have red leaves at their base with a thin stem and white puffball tops.

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To get Dandelion Seeds, you need to make your way over to the Dandelion plant and hit it with your weapon. This will cause the puffballs to fall and leave seeds. Sometimes, the puffballs will fly into the air. When this happens, jump into them and swing your weapon to make them fall apart and leave the seeds behind. Make sure to watch out for Black Nuclei. These can appear in Dandelions as well and are used for Special Orders.

How to use Dandelion Seeds in Tower of Fantasy

Dandelion Seeds are used for cooking. Cooking can be done with any of the cooking robots floating around the world. You will get access to cooking pretty early in the game.

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To cook, interact with one of the cooking robots and select the creation option that appears at the bottom of the screen. In the creation menu, select the Dandelion Seeds to add them to a dish. Press the cooking button afterward to cook a dish using the Dandelion Seeds.

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You can also use Dandelion Seeds by going into your backpack and opening to the cooking menu. From there, choose the Dandelion Seeds and select the use option to eat them. This will regenerate one Satiety and restore three percent of your health plus 1,000.