How to get and use IBA Armor Plate in Battlefield 2042

Extra protection.

Image via DICE

Gunfights in Battlefield 2042 can be over in a heartbeat, so having any edge you can get will be of interest to players who want to survive between engagements. A new addition to Battlefield 2042 is the IBA Armor Plate.

This gadget can be used to give your character a bit more toughness and survivability and should prove to be the difference-maker between players of similar skill as it will effectively give you a larger health pool.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The armor plate can be selected as a Gadget in the loadout screen. The Gadget slot is the final slot, and you can select the armor plate icon to equip it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can then see your loadout in the bottom right corner of the screen, and players will be able to hit the prompted button to equip the armor plate. You can see in the screenshot above that the armor plate is in the fourth slot, so hitting the number four will equip it.

A short animation will play at the soldier stuffs the armor plate into their flak jacket. This means you will need to take cover in a gunfight to buy the time to equip it. You will start the round with 2 armor plates, and you can restock them at the relevant equipment crates. Each plate will add 20 Armor to your health pool, which is shown in the blue text beside your main health pool. Armor will be depleted before health if you take damage.