How to get and use Karma in Disgaea 6

You’ll be raking in the Karma in no time.

disgaea 6

Image via Nippon Ichi

Disgaea 6 stars a Netherworld zombie named Zed, who has big dreams to conquer the realm and reign above all, including God himself. The game introduces tons of new features such as auto-battle, x32 mode, a level cap of 99,999,999, the Super Reincarnation leveling mechanic, and the all-important Karma system that’s tied to it.

The Karma mechanic allows Zed to gather Karma points, gained after he uses his special ability Super Reincarnation. When he does this, he starts back at level one but can now greatly buff up his carried-over stats using the Karma he acquired. He can also improve abilities not tied into leveling itself, such as increasing his movement range during battle or increasing how many times he can counterattack. But all these augmentations take a massive amount of Karma, so learning the best ways to farm for it is vital.

One of the most reliable and well-known methods for gathering Karma is using the Juice Bar repeatedly. This method takes advantage of the D-Merit system, which awards Karma based on achievements for each character, and the Juice Bar achievement allows for significant Karma gains. It can take a while, but it’s a solid farming method.

Another way, which takes a bit of setup, can net you about 20 billion Karma in an hour. You’ll need to equip the abilities SR Volunteer, World is Mine, Happy Song, Infernal Corrosion, Study Whiz, Genius Studier, Overlord Training, and Study Maniac onto Zed, while the other party members get Happy Song, World is Mine, and SR Volunteer. The other party members should be in the Thief class and all set to defend, ensuring that Zed will be the only attacker. Set the enemy strength to 20 stars, max out experience gain, set the map to Back to Square One, use the Peaceful World – Bell of Blessing stage, and have both auto-battle and auto-repeat enabled. Repeat that stage until you rake in the Karma, but make sure only to go up to level 50 million before using Super Reincarnation to max out your gains.