How to get and use Stamps in Fallout 76

Sell off your Stamp collection.

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The wastelands of Fallout 76 are filled with different NPCs who use different currency types to trade for valuable items. So far, Appalachia has seen Caps, Gold Bullion, and even Tokens as currency. Brought in with The Pitt update, you can also get your hands on Stamps. While they may not sound like they are worth a whole lot, Stamps are a valuable currency that can be used to get some quality items. This guide will show you how to get and use Stamps in Fallout 76.

How to get Stamps in Fallout 76

Like the other currencies in Fallout 76, you need to perform specific actions to get Stamps. Unfortunately, this currency isn’t nearly as plentiful as Caps or even Gold Bullion, so it will take you a while to amass a large quantity of them. The only ways you can get Stamps are by participating in Expeditions or helping the Responders in Whitespring Refuge.

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During an Expedition, you will get Stamps based on the number of objectives you complete. You will get some for completing the main objectives and bonus Stamps for completing any optional objectives as well. You will also get bonus Stamps if you are the leader of the Expedition as payment for completing the missions necessary to power the Vertibird.

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How to spend Stamps in Fallout 76

The game doesn’t just tell you where you can spend the Stamps that you collect. Luckily, it is inside Whitespring Refuge so you won’t need to travel far. The NPC who deals with trading Stamps is named Giuseppe Della Ripa and he can be found next to the Nuka Cola vendor.

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If you are having trouble finding Giuseppe, start by heading to the right when you enter Whitespring Refuge. This will lead you to the clinic. Is shop is located just past the clinic and has a sign above the doorway that says Giuseppe’s Curios.