Fishing for Northern salmon in the Deep North Biome in Valheim
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How to find and catch Northern Salmon in Valheim

Catching Northern Salmon in Valheim requires special fishing bait and a strenuous trek to the northernmost portion of the map.

If you are an angling collector looking to complete your trophy wall of fish in Valheim, one creature you will need to catch is the Northern Salmon. According to its in-game description, this fish “likes the water to be almost freezing cold,” hinting that you will not find it in the dank Swamps or temperate lakes of the Meadow. True to its name, Northern Salmon reside in the frigid waters of the Deep North, a biome that is the polar opposite of the Ashlands. Since the Deep North always spawns in the northernmost portion of the world, it is a region that is easy to locate but challenging to reach.

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Finding Northern Salmon in the Deep North of Valheim

Deep North Biome Map Location in Valheim
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To reach the Northern Salmon-filled waters of the Deep North biome in Valheim, you must travel directly north, which is an objective easier said than done. For instance, if your base camp is near the center of the world, it could take hours to reach the top region of the map. This duration includes all the required preparation, the campsites you might build along the way, the hostiles you will battle, and many more demanding scenarios you might encounter. Moreover, remember that the Deep North is extremely cold. As a result, you will need a form of Frost Resistance if you want to survive the freezing temperatures.

Before attempting to travel to the Deep North and fish for Northern Salmon in Valheim, consider brewing Frost Resistance Mead, a potion-like consumable made using a Fermenter and Cauldron. The base mixture for the mead requires Honey, Thistles, Bloodbags, and Greydwarf Eyes. Alternatively, you can gain Frost Resistance by donning a Fenris Coat, a Lox Cape, or pieces of the Wolf Armor Set. 

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Catching Northern Salmon in Valheim

Reeling in a Northern salmon Using Frosty fishing bait in Valheim
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To catch Northern Salmon in Valheim, you will need a Fishing Rod, a tool purchasable from Haldor for 350 Coins. Northern Salmon cannot be lured with ordinary Fishing Bait but instead require Frosty Fishing Bait. This special bait is made by combining Fishing Bait x20 and a Drake Trophy at a Cauldron. Drake Trophies are rare drops from Drakes, the legless wyverns you will encounter in the Mountains. 

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