How to get and use the Peculiar Pinion in Genshin Impact

Light as a feather.

Image via miHoyo

Genshin Impact introduced a new gadget for players to use in update 2.2 called the Peculiar Pinion. This strange feather will allow players to see spirits and discover hidden secrets.

Players will need to have traveled to Tsurumi Island and finished the A Particularly Particular Author quest. The following day, a new quest will begin involving the island called Octave of the Maushiro. Players will need to travel to Tsurumi, walk through the mist, and then speak with Ruu again.

When they do, they will receive the Peculiar Pinion gadget. Players need to equip the Peculiar Pinion in their gadget slot by opening the Inventory, navigating to the Gadget page, and then equipping it. They will be able to see the prompted gadget button above the ability and sprint buttons on the UI.

All around the island, players will find purple statues of birds. Using the Peculiar Pinion near them will reveal special secrets. These can range from ghosts and spirits, to hidden puzzles or loot. Each one will be different. Players will also get some new quests from Ruu that will require the Pinion to solve, so make sure you follow up on that questline to continue your adventures on Tsurumi Island.