How to get and use Unique Weapon Badges in Phantasy Star Online 2

Learn how to get some rare, high-quality gear with our guide.

The world of Phantasy Star Online 2 is rich with armor, weapons, resources, and currency to find. Unique Weapons Badges are one of these things you can collect as you adventure in the world, and it can be a little confusing on what you can do with them.

First off, you should know that they are very rare so don’t expect to come across them very often. When one does fall into your lap, you’ll want to use them wisely. They can get you some high-quality, very rare gear.

How to get Unique Weapon Badges

Complete seasonal events

The downside of this is that these events are obviously not very frequent and you can only participate in them for a specific amount of time.

Mission pass rewards

It is a very, very rare reward for progressing in your pass, but you can get lucky sometimes and have them come to you. Defeating some rare enemies will also get them to drop on occasion. Getting them to spawn can be tricky, but once they do, you might find yourself in luck.

Complete Advanced Quests

This is a solid method, especially the quest Cradle of Darkness. If you can also bring a rare drop rate boost with you, such as 250%, you can also see more luck in getting them to drop for you.

How to use Unique Weapon Badges

Head to the Shopping Plaza and go up to the second floor. Look for a dark red booth where you can talk to Nanon, the Badge & Memory exchange vendor. Talking to her allows you to exchange Unique Weapon Badges and Memories for rare items. What you get is up to you and what you are looking for/wanting, but she almost always has something for every class for sale.

They won’t come to you often but Unique Weapon Badges can get you some pretty great gear in Phantasy Star Online 2. Just don’t spend them all in one place.