How to get Astral Totems in Final Fantasy XIV

The end comes to all.

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The currency you earn from completing several Final Fantasy XIV dungeons and trials is crucial to unlocking specific pieces of gear, increasing your character’s average item level. The stronger your character, the more complex content they can complete. You’ll need to acquire Astral Totems in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion if you want to unlock more powerful accessories for your character’s job. This guide will detail what you need to get Astral Totems in Final Fantasy XIV.

The only way you’ll be able to earn Astral Totems is by completing The Minstrel’s Ballard: Zodiark’s Fall. You can unlock this version of the trial by completing the final Main Story Quest in the Endwalker expansion, and then you’ll need to speak with an NPC in Old Sharlayan named the Wandering Minstrel. You can find them at coordinates (X:12.7, Y:14.1). When you find them, you’ll have the chance to share your tales against Zodiark and Hydaelyn. The high-end duty will be available after you detail your adventure battling against Zodiark.

However, Zodiark’s Fall is only available when you’re using a level 90 Job, and it’s recommended you have an average item level of at least 560. You reach this by having all Moonward armor pieces complete the other level 90 dungeons and your Daily Duty roulette content. Then, when you’re ready, you and the party attempting to defeat Zodiark’s Fall will earn them by completing the Extreme Trial.