How to Get Better at Halo: Reach


Halo: Reach is not for the faint of heart, and those jumping into it thanks to Halo: The Master Chief Collection are learning what it was like to play a game from 2010. The game’s multiplayer front is full of returning players, and they have years of experience under their belts to knock out any competition they face. Here are a few key tips to improve your gameplay in Halo: Reach.

Consider your weapon’s bloom. Bloom happens when you rapidly fire your gun at an enemy. Essentially, you hold down the trigger, and your weapon’s reticle becomes broader and less accurate. You want to reduce that by firing the gun when the reticle is at its smallest, providing you the highest amount of accuracy for every shot you take.

Take the time to go through the story. You don’t need to go straight to Legendary (the highest difficulty), but starting on Normal or Heroic should help you hone your skills and understand the weapons. If you believe jumping into multiplayer is the best way to learn to play, you might find yourself coming up short. Take the time to learn the weapons, buttons, and how the game feels while you play it.

Try your hand with the Firefight mode. Before jumping into player-versus-player fighting, check out Firefight, where you face off against a horde of Covenant troopers attempting to besiege your position. It’s your job to take down these forces, taking them down in steady waves. You can take up to four friends with you, so it doesn’t hurt to bring a buddy.

Get good with friends. You can have a more reliable fighting force at your side if you have a player or two in your party. This process helps lower the chance of a teammate leaving the game early if your team doesn’t do the best at the beginning. Yes, it’s not the best to continue playing when you’re losing, but this way you can learn from your mistakes with friends and have a good follow-up match.

Learning where weapons spawn in every map, what weapons fit your play style, and what fits every game mode take time. Make time to master the game’s weapons, how grenades bounce, melee range, and the maps, and you will perform like a pro in Halo: Reach.