How to get Biyomon in Digimon Survive

One of the original Digimon Heroes return to Digimon Survive.

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Digimon Survive contains a plethora of classic Digimon, including the main Digimon from the original show in the late 90s. Biyomon was one of the main seven Digimon from Digimon Adventure, and she returns to Survive. However, unlike Agumon who is also one of the original main Digimon from Adventure, Biyomon is not a partner to any of the main human characters in Survive. If you want a Biyomon to join your party, you’ll have to seek her out.

Where is Biyomon in Digimon Survive?

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Biyomon can actually be confronted as an enemy Digimon during battles. It’s a little surreal to see Biyomon fight against you since Biyomon has always been one of the main heroes of the franchise and is known to be the motherly Digimon.

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The first time you could encounter Biyomon is in Part 1 of the game, where you are inside the desolated school full of webs. Use your phone camera to check the school’s rooms, and you may find a distortion. Interact with the distortion, and you could end up in a battle. There’s a possibility you may face Biyomon in these battles. Biyomon can also show up in the “Free Battle” selection in the World Map at the start of Part 2.

How to recruit Biyomon

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When you face a Biyomon in battle, you can recruit her by talking to her. There’s a “Talk” option on the menu of every fight. The “Talk” option allows you to either have your Digimon talk to their partner or talk to the enemy Digimon. If you choose to have a conversation with the enemy Digimon, the enemy Digimon will ask you some questions. If you give them answers they want to hear, you can recruit them at the end of the conversation. Enemy Digimon will generally ask three questions; there will also be a bar above showing how satisfied they are with your answers.

If you fail to recruit her in this first battle, don’t worry about it. There are multiple Biyomon in the wild that you can face again. Biyomon prefers her answers to be truthful and honest, so don’t mince any words with her. Give her the most brutally honest answers the game offers you. Below is a table with the best responses to give her when talking:

QuestionMost Ideal Response
Whenever I meet a scary monster, I just start apologizing. Weird, right?You’re a scaredy-cat.
What’s the most important thing to you?Food!
I don’t care how tough you are, I’m not gonna lose!Nice, so energetic!
Someday I’m gonna run this joint!Not a chance!
Why are leaves green?It’s the chlorophyll.
What do you do for fun?Tag!
Have you ever told a lie?Never Ever