How to get blue chickens in Stardew Valley

What came first?

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There’s nothing better than a farming simulator with a wealth of variety regarding the number of animals you can raise. From cows, pigs, and rabbits, to even dinosaurs, there is a fun twist on what kind of animals you can grow in Stardew Valley. Weird animals include the blue chicken, a sky-colored resident of your coop that is rare and hard to obtain. But where do you get this bizarre bird, and what role does it play on your farm?

Where to find blue chickens in Stardew Valley

The blue chicken is available after the eight-heart event with the villager Shane, where you see his own personal chicken coop filled with blue chickens and his favorite white chicken, Charlie. If you struggle to increase your friendship with Shane, give him a beer as a gift. He regularly spends the night in the Stardrop Saloon, where you can buy beer anyway. Walk a few steps to your right after buying it and give it to him. You’ll become fast friends.

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Afterward, blue chickens are unlocked, and you have a 25% chance of getting one anytime you buy a chicken from Marnie or hatch an egg in your incubator. Blue chickens can hatch from both white and brown eggs.

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The odd thing about blue chickens is that they don’t do anything differently from standard chickens. They do not lay blue eggs, only white eggs, which is odd because blue eggs are found in nature (not laid by chickens but still). It comes off as odd since void chickens lay different types of eggs which can also be turned into void mayonnaise. Also, like regular chickens, the value of their eggs will increase the higher friendship you have with that animal. If you want chickens to gain friendship with you faster, consider¬†changing farming professions.

While blue chickens don’t give you any unique products, they provide some visual variety in your coop. They’re also easy to find among the grass if you let your chickens free-roam.