How to get Clavekeeper in Final Fantasy XIV

Don’t forget your Select Ball Bait!

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Final Fantasy XIV has a ton of activities to keep players busy in the world of Eorzea. One of the more relaxing jobs in the mix is the Fisher Discipline of the Land. In Patch 6.35, Square Enix released Splendorous Tools to collect, which are shiny main hand tools for each crafting and gathering job in the game. Acquiring them is a test of patience and time, especially for those who want to upgrade their fishing tool to the Crystalline Fishing Rod. One of the fish needed in the process is a rare eel that has no information in the game on how to obtain it. Let’s discuss exactly where to find and fish up this Clavekeeper in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to find Clavekeeper in FFXIV

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The Clavekeeper is a legendary fish that can only be found in the southern part of the Kholusia region in Norvrandt. Players will want to purchase some Select Ball Bait from Quinnana in the Crystarium at coordinates X:10.4, Y:7.7 for 5 White Gatherer’s Scrips each before heading out to the location.

With the Select Ball Bait in hand, teleport to Wright in Kholusia and fly south. You will find a large fishing hole on a cliff at coordinates X:15.6, Y:36.1. This is the location of the Seagazer Shoals fishing hole that contains Clavekeepers. Be sure to turn on your Collect ability before attempting to fish as Clavekeepers are only worth anything as a collectible.

Clavekeepers can be fished up here at any point in the day. Use Patience II and only reel the fish in if you see the two !! icon. Clavekeepers seem to have a bite time between 9 to 12 seconds.

You should eventually start catching Clavekeepers with all of these tips in mind. Snagging Clavekeepers with a collectability between 283 and 664 will net you one Splendorous Fishing Reel Component. Collectibility 665 and above will get you two of them. These are needed to upgrade the base version of the Splendorous Fishing Pole.