How to get Cleansing Hearts in Genshin Impact – Oceanids locations

Squeaky clean.

Genshin Impact

Image via miHoYo

The Cleansing Heart is one of many ascension materials you will need in Genshin Impact to rank up your characters and take on the game toughest challenges. As you would expect for such an important resource, it is not easy to get, and will only drop from Level 30+ Oceanids.

You can find an Oceanid spawn to the west of Qungce Village in Liyue, but be warned, this beast will spawn at Level 37, and if you are not prepared it will decimate you.

Oceanid Location

Oceanids are strange creatures and are made from pure Hydro energy. They do not attack directly, instead summoning smaller illusions made of water that will attack you in different ways. It is a good idea to use Pyro characters for this fight, as all enemies will have an innate Wet status. Electro and Cryo will also be effective, if you have those options available to you.

The Oceanid can summon the following creatures:

  • Water Boar – charges you when it is close
  • Water Crane – throw long range attacks at you
  • Water Crab – spits bubbles at you from medium range
  • Water Frog – sends a gush of water in a wave at you that travels slowly
  • Water Hawk – will fly around and shoot projectiles at you

As the fight progress, the Oceanid will destroy some of the platforms that you are standing on, making movement awkward, so stay aware of your surroundings. Healing can be a little awkward, but you can either rely on food or include your favorite healer and kite around behind enemies to avoid the worst of their damage.

Each time you take out one of the summons, the Oceanid will lose some health, and the creature will drop a Cleansing Heart when you kill it.