How To Get CoD: MW3’s Golden River Camo

Cal of Duty: MW3 offers a lot for players to collect by completing various challenges, including the Golden River Camo.


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Call of Duty: MW3 is packed with gear to unlock, challenges to complete, and elusive camos to decorate weapons with. The Golden River Camo is one of the first players can earn, and it’s got some hefty requirements that will push even the most dedicated.

Players have dozens of options when it comes to how they can customize their Operator to make them unique. Standing out from the crowd is the name of the game once players have mastered each mode, but it takes time to unlock new Operator skins, weapons, and Camos. One of the first Camos on offer, the Golden River Camo, has a long set of tasks for players to complete, but it’s worth the trek.

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How to Get the Golden River Camo in Call of Duty: MW3

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To get the Golden River Camo in Call of Duty: MW3, players must complete all 4 Weekly Challenges during the game’s Season 0. This season started on the day the game was released, November 10, 2023, and will run until the start of CoD: MW3 Season 1, which is expected to be at some point in early December.

There’s a set of challenges for players to complete in both Multiplayer and Zombies Mode. This allows players to get the golden River Camo regardless of their preferred game mode. However, players will need to complete all the challenges from each week in one of the modes in order to get it.

All Weekly Challenges for Call of Duty: MW3 Season 0

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Below, we’ve outlined all the challenges for each week of Call of Duty: Season 0 for both Multiplayer and Zombies Mode. They’re extremely self-explanatory and should be something players complete without thinking about it every time they hop into a match.

CoD: MW3 Zombies Challenges Week 1

  • Get 250 kills with a recommended weapon.
  • Get 100 kills with a silenced assault rifle that’s recommended by the game.
  • Get 30 kills with the PHD Flopper explosion ability.
  • Get 200 kills in the High or Medium Threat Zones.
  • Get 100 Kills with the MCW.
  • Get 150 scoped kills with an assault rifle recommended by the game.
  • Get 150 critical kills with the MCW.

CoD: MW3 Multiplayer Challenges Week 1

  • Kill 5 Operators who killed you. Use a recommended weapon.
  • Get 20 Operator kills with a silenced assault rifle recommended by the game.
  • Get 10 Operator sliding kills using a recommended weapon.
  • Get. 1Operator triple kill with a sniper rifle that’s recommended by the game.
  • Get 20 Operator kills with the MCW.
  • Get 15 Operator kills with sights equipped to an assault rifle recommended by the game.
  • Get 15 Operator headshot kills with the MCW.