How to get coins fast in Cookie Run Kingdom

Get that coin.

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There are a lot of different items in Cookie Run Kingdom. One that you’ll be using the most of is coins. Coins are used to upgrade buildings, including your Cookie Castle and Fountain of Abundance. as well as producing materials, buying decorations, and much more. There are a lot of ways to get coins in the game, but only a few can yield a large number of coins.

Balloon Expedition

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Once you’ve upgraded your Cookie Castle to level two, you’ll unlock the Balloon Dock. This allows you to send five different cookies on an expedition to areas you’ve completed in the story. The time it takes to do these expeditions depends on which region you pick. For example, the Land of Dreams which is the first area in the game will only take 15 minutes compared to Hero’s Gate, which takes two hours. We recommend sending your best cookies on these expeditions which will increase your chances of getting a super success that doubles what you earn in coins.

Fountain of Abudance

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The Fountain of Abundance generates rewards over time. One of the things it produces the most of is coins. Depending on what level your Fountain of Abundance is will determine how many coins it’ll produce in a minute. So, try leveling up your Fountain of Abundance as much as you can so you can yield the best results from it.

Tree of Wishes

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Possibly the easiest and quickest way to get coins is by completing requests from the Tree of Wishes. The more complicated items a Cookie requests, the more coin you’ll get in return. However, if you’re in a pinch for coins, complete the easier requests. Once you do a request, another one will instantly take its place. So, unlike the other methods, this one won’t have you waiting for a new request to pop up. If you find yourself stocked up on a lot of materials, then the Tree of Wishes is your best option to getting coin.