How to get Cryptolith Lure upgrades in Destiny 2

The more power you give your lure, the more rewards you receive.

Destiny 2

The Cryptolith Lure is the item you need to use in Destiny 2 during the Season of the Hunt. It’s how you’ll be able to capture those nasty Wrathborn enemies, and draw them out of hiding. These enemies take a bit of time to draw out, but once you fight them, they can give you some pretty decent gear, and completing them will earn you Recon Data. If you want to earn better payouts, and Pinnacle gear, for completing these hunts, you need to upgrade your Cryptolith.

How to upgrade the Cryptolith Lure

You’ll need to speak to Crow, the Spider’s new enforce who you can find next to Spider on the Tangled Shore. Speak to them, and you’ll be able to unlock several upgrades, and modifications.

If you want access to these rewards, you’ll need to increase your reputation with Crow, and do that you need to farm Recon Data. The only way to properly farm Recon Data is to work through Wrathborn hunts, which require you to earn Cryptolith Lure charges. There are three ways to do that, but if you want to do it quickly, we have a method that can make it easier.

All Cryptolith Lure upgrades

These are all of the Cryptolith Lure upgrades you can earn through the Crow, and what reputation requirements you need to meet.

  • Reputation Boost 1: Increases the amount of Recon Data you earn for completing Wrathborn hunts – Reputation 1
  • Improved Seeker 1: Unlocks Wild Wrathborn Hunts – Reputation 2
  • Power Hunter: Increases the power of rewards obtained through Wrathborn Hunts, your weekly Wrathborn hunt rewards increases from 2 to 4, and you can earn Pinnacle gear through Wrathborn hunts – Reputation 4
  • Reputation Boost 2: Increases the amount of Recon data you earn for completing Wrathborn hunts, and stacks on the first boost – Reputation 6
  • Season Hunter: Beneficial modifications are activated during Wrathborn Hunts – Reputation 8
  • Mutation Mod Extractor: Increases the number of mutation mods you can obtain from Wrathborn hunts – Reputation 10

Make sure to visit the Crow as you work your way through the season.