How to get Diluc’s Red Dead of Night skin in Genshin Impact

The first 5-star skin in the game gives Diluc a visual tune-up.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Version 2.8 of Genshin Impact granted two popular characters new skins, giving you the chance to spruce up your characters in new costumes. One of these characters is Diluc, who received a new skin called the “Red Dead of Night.” This stunning new skin is the first 5-star quality skin and comes fully equipped with new effects, visuals, and even voice lines — It also gives Diluc a spoofy new ponytail!

Diluc is a 5-star Pyro character, and with other 5-star characters in the game, you won’t be able to acquire this skin for free. Your only opportunity to get this skin will be by purchasing it from the game’s costume shop. However, during Version 2.8, you can get this skin at a reduced price. Here’s how to get Diluc’s skin “Red Dead of Night.”

How to get Red Dead of Night in Genshin Impact

The Red Dead of Night skin is available through Genshin Impact’s in-game skin shop. To access this shop, open the Paimon menu and click “Shop.” On the left-hand side of the screen, the second option should read “Character Outfits.” Clicking this button will open up Genshin Impact’s skin shop.

Here, you can see Diluc’s skin:

Screenshot by Gamepur

As of this writing, Diluc’s skin is available for a reduced price of 1980 Genesis Crystals. As a 5-star skin, this skin will be more expensive than other skins currently in the game. Its full price is 2480 Genesis Crystals, which will be the normal price going forward. If you enjoy Diluc and play him a lot, be sure to take advantage of this sale before Version 2.8 ends.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As a 5-star skin, you can expect more detail in Diluc’s costume when compared to other skins, such as Jean’s or Keqing’s outfit. The Red Dead of Night also gives Diluc more voice lines, new effects, and even a brand new hairstyle.