How to get Dismal Prism, Crystal Prism, and Polarizing Prism in Genshin Impact

Light breaker.

The Inazuma region added lots of important resources to Genshin Impact. Players need to constantly farm up resources to improve their character, abilities, and weapons, and there are plenty of them to find on Inazuma. The Prisms are one such resource, and like so many other items in Genshin, they come in different rarities.

Players will need to find Dismal, Crystal, and Polarizing Prisms to upgrade weapons like the Hakushin Ring, and in the future, they will be required to ascend new characters. To get all three types of Prism, players will need to take on Fatui Snezhanyan Maiders, also called Mirror Maidens.

  • Dismal Prism – From Level 1 up
  • Crystal Prism – From level 40 up
  • Polarizing Prism – From level 60 up

To easily find Snezhnayan Maidnesenemies, players can open their Adventurers Handbook and go to the Enemies tabby. At the very end of the list of enemies they will find Maidens, and clicking on it will mark them on the map, making them very easy to find. Players can simply rinse and repeat to farm them.

Mirror Maidens are interesting enemies, capable of using many spells, calling mirrors into being and passing through them, and hitting enemies with water projectiles or trapping them in cages of glass.