How to get Elite Charged and Elite Fast TMs in Pokémon Go

These new hot items are only found in one place, for now

Image via Niantic

You have the chance to grab a great new item coming to Pokémon Go called Elite Charged and Elite Fast TMs. They work similarly to the usual Charged and Fast TMs you’ve been able to earn as a reward through quests and special research tasks, but these work slightly differently.

An Elite Charged and Fast TM allows you to choose what new move your Pokémon gets to learn. Typically, the traditional item had you Pokémon forget its fast or charged move, and then it randomly learned a new one. Sure, it was great to use if your Pokémon had a terrible move, but sometimes they have the potential to learn a particular move that can turn them into a powerhouse. The elite version of these items ensures you no longer have the opportunity to leave this up to chance.

Right now, there’s only one way to receive these items, and that’s by participating in the first season of the Pokémon Go battle league. Previously, the battle league has been in a preseason, allowing you and other trainers to test out their teams in the Great, Ultra, and Master leagues. To receive the Elite Charged and Fast TMs, you need to reach rank seven or higher by the end of the league’s time during the first season.

Each of the leagues lasts for two weeks, so you have plenty of time to work your way up to this point. The first only requires you to participate, after that, you need to start winning to advance up to rank seven. If you want to reach rank eight to 10, you still need to win matches, but you want to make sure you don’t lose because you could potentially go down in ranking if you lose enough.

The new items are a great way for players to optimize their best IV Pokémon, even if they don’t have the best moves. We can expect to hear more details about future events about how else to get these two items, but for now, prepare to fight in the first season of the Great, Ultra, and Master leagues.