How to get Eureka weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

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The Eureka weapons in Final Fantasy XIV are equipment you want to reward your character with, which will take some time to construct. You can earn them by purchasing and completing the Stormblood expansion. If you are playing in any other expansion beyond this one, they will not be used for combat. However, you can add them to your character’s glamour chest, especially if they are for your outfit, but there’s a particular way to make them glamour. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Eureka weapons in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to get Eureka weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

For those looking for the actual Eureka weapons, all Jobs should unlock these items when you reach level 70 and have the Stormblood expansion. When you complete your level 70 quest, you receive an Attire Coffer that rewards you with your Eureka weapon. For example, for completing the Samurai The Battle on Bekko quest, we received Myochin Attire Coffer, which rewarded us with our Antiquated set and the weapon.

You can now add this weapon to your arsenal. However, you will want to upgrade when you get past level 70 and begin to make your way through the Shadowbringers expansion. If you want to keep these weapons and key, unfortunately, you cannot place these weapons in your Glamour dresser. However, there is a set of weapons you can use that mimic these ones. You can purchase them from Staelhundr, whom you can find in Kunage at coordinates (X:7.4, Y:14.1). You will have a replica of every weapon for all level 70 jobs, giving you the chance to add them to your Glamour dresser.

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However, for Staelhundr to speak with you, ensure you have completed the Anemos relic questline by speaking with Galiena and making it to the Eureka region. The quest will be called, And We Shall Call it Eureka.