How to get Exciting Tonic in Final Fantasy XIV

It’s worth the investment.

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An item you want to go out of your way to find in Final Fantasy XIV is going to be Exciting Tonic. It’s a material that doesn’t have any use for you if you want to do crafting, but it can be offered to a specific NPC if you’re looking to gain a new mount, adding it to your growing collection. How you go about finding the Exciting Tonic can be difficult, though. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Exciting Tonic in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to find Exciting Tonic in Final Fantasy XIV

If you’re trying to find Exciting Tonic and exchange it for an exclusive mount, Pinky, the elephant, you will need to track down Timeworn Ophiotauroskin Treasure Maps. These are exclusive maps you can only find if you’re a Disciple of the Land profession: the Botanist, Fishing, or Mining activities. There’s a chance you can find Ophiotauroskin Treasure Maps, but you need to be at a specific location. You have to make your way over to the Elpis region. Alternatively, you can purchase them from the market board on your server, but the price will vary.

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There’s a chance these Treasure Maps will appear when you complete these activities. After you have enough Treasure Maps, gather a group together and attempt to reach the end, where you’ll unlock a chest to receive several prizes. In addition, there’s a slight chance that a portal could appear, and your party will enter a unique activity where you can earn the Exciting Tonic as another random drop.

Unfortunately, the downside to these activities and trying to earn Exciting Tonics is how much random chance you have to find them. You’ll need to try your luck and consistently repeat this process to increase your chances of finding enough Exciting Tonics to earn the Pinky mount. You only need three Exciting Tonics to exchange them at Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han at coordinates (X:10.6, Y:10.0).

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