How to get feathers in New World

You only need to search in one place.

You’re going to need plenty of resources at the ready in your inventory if you want craft weapons and ammunition in New World. Many of the recipes you need will require minor resources for you to locate, such as feathers. You’ll need these if you’re interested in completing recipes in the Engineering tab, especially for arrows. You’ll be able to get feathers in New World by locating a specific animal and looting their nests.

You need to find turkeys whenever you’re looking to find feathers. You can find turkeys wandering all over the game. You can find turkey spawns in nearly every territory in New World. They’re also the only source of poultry, which makes them even more helpful for those looking to cook some food at a campsite.

Alternatively, if you’re having trouble finding turkeys wandering around and grabbing their feathers, you can also loot their nests. A turkey nest typically will have a few feathers that the previous residents left behind. These are usually a good option when several other players near you are also farming turkeys for their many resources.

Feathers are an exceptional resource for nearly any player to have, regardless if you use a bow or not. The bow is a superb ranged option, and these players will also be looking for ways to add more arrows to their quiver.