How to get Fertilizer in Cult of the Lamb

It’s useful, but it doesn’t smell good.

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Fertilizer is a helpful resource to use in Cult of the Lamb. You’ll be using it when you’re farming, giving you the chance to obtain several types of food for your Followers to eat, ensuring they can continue to work for you back at your Cult’s base. There are a handful of ways you can find Fertilizer, and you will have to go out of your way to have a healthy supply of it. This guide covers how to get Fertilizer in Cult of the Lamb.

Where to find Fertilizer in Cult of the Lamb

You can find Fertilizer in multiple ways. There are piles of it available in Anura or the Darkwood. You can find them in-between your runs, in large piles while battling enemies, or there’s a chance for them to appear in one of the pathways while advancing to the final boss. Anura has several reliable pathways for regularly finding this resource, making it one of the better choices if you want to seek out Fertilizer while taking down the Heretics alongside Darkwood.

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However, this is not the best method as there are always chances a run may not contain any Fertilizer. You can build an Outhouse at your Cult that your Followers can use, which will regularly create Fertilizer you can use on your farming plots. This resource is much easier to obtain as you can play through the game, battling against the Heretics in any location you want to explore. There are also some foods you can make at the Cooking Station that have a chance for your Followers to create Fertilizer after eating it immediately, but there’s only a chance for this to happen. You can also find it all over your camp at the beginning of the game.

You’ll want to bring the Fertilizer to use on your Farm Plots, making sure your Followers operating on your farms can work at these locations. Keeping your farms healthy ensures you have access to multiple sources of food.