How to get five characters in your party in Genshin Impact

Act fast.

Image via miHoYo

While we know you can have five people in your party in Genshin Impact, this normally only happens in the game during particular story missions. A recently discovered glitch means that you can actually take advantage of this at any time if you know what to do.

Before we get into how you do this we should point out that we have no idea if miYoHo will treat this as an exploit that merits a ban. Be careful about using it.

To get five characters in your party, carefully follow the below steps:

  • Pick your party of four people, the head out in the open world.
  • Kill one of your characters. The easiest way is by taking fall damage.
  • Now, you need to input the commands to select the dead party member AND open your menu at the exact same time.
  • This should cause the screen where you choose a food to give the downed party member AND the menu screen to populate at the same time.
  • In the menu, select Party Setup, then swap out the downed character for a new character.
  • Back out carefully, making sure not to close the “Use revival item” screen.
  • Click on the food you wish to use, and your downed party member will be revived.
  • All five party members will now be up and active in the party, and you can switch to the fifth member the way you would during a story mission that has an additional character.

As we said, it might be best to take care with this glitch, as we have no idea how miYoHo will feel about people doing it.