How to get Gabumon in Digimon Survive

The Crest of Friendship.

Image via Toei Animation

Gabumon was one of the original seven main Digimon from the first Digimon Adventure anime, and he returns to the franchise as a recruitable party member in Digimon Survive. Gabumon is a lizard creature that wears the cloth of a wolf-like monster with his personality based on being a loyal dog. He serves a vital narrative function in Digimon Survive, and you must get him to join your team. Here is how to get Gabumon in Digimon Survive.

Where is Gabumon in Digimon Survive?

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Gabumon is actually one of the first Digimon you play when you start the game. He and Renamon fight against an unknown dark creature while trying to protect Haru and Miyuki. However, you don’t get to keep Gabumon and Renamon in your party after this moment. The opening battle with the shadowy figure acts as a tutorial to give you the basics of battling.

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Gabumon will join your party later in the game as a partner Digimon, but you can potentially recruit a random Gabumon much earlier. When exploring areas, pull out your phone with the right trigger button, scan the room with your phone’s camera and if you spot a distortion, interact with it. Interacting with the distortion will give you a new item, or a Shadowy figure will pop out. Fighting the shadowy figure will lead you to a battle with several enemy Digimon with Gabumon potential being one of them.

Gabumon will potentially show up in Shadow Battles around Part 4 and will remain a possibility in Shadow Battles from then on. But the type of Digimon that show up in Shadow battles is always random, and Gabumon is a rare spawn. Gabumon will not show up in Free Battle, so you have to hope and pray that you encounter him in Shadow fights.

How to recruit Gabumon in Digimon Survive

When you face a Gabumon in battle, you can recruit him with the Talk option in the fight menu. The Talk selection allows you to either have your Digimon talk with their partner or talk to the enemy Digimon. If you choose to have a conversation with the enemy Digimon, the enemy Digimon will ask you three questions. If you give them answers they want to hear, you can recruit them at the end of the conversation. There is a bar above showing how satisfied they are with your answers.

Below is a table with the best responses to give him when talking:

QuestionMost Ideal Response
I bet you’ve got some secrets, huh? Go on, tell me one! I dare you!I have nothing to hide
Who do you think is worse? The deceiver or the deceived?he deceiver, duh!
You sure like to puff out your chest around a weak monster like myselfStrength’s irrelevant
You may think of those around you as friends, but perhaps you’re actually alone?Do you have friends?
Trying to pick a fight with a peace-lover like me… You humans sure are cruel.I love peace myself
What do you think decides what is right or wrong?Reality itself