How to get Gnat Fuzz in Grounded

Be about your buzzness.


Gnats are just as annoying in Grounded as they are in real life. While these little guys won’t actually hurt you, they will insist on flying right into you, knocking you back a little. This means they can knock you off rocks, blades of grass, or tree branches, making them a known pest. The good news is that they do have an important resource, so you can stick a spear in them to make things right.

Where to find Gnats

While Gnats can be found just about anywhere, it can take a little while for them to show up. As such, when you are traveling around the map, keep your eyes open for these annoying little black insects.

If you badly need to find a gnat, the best place to go is actually to the Mysterious Machine. Gnats will fly through this area all the time, and you can just stand on top of the machine and stab the little guys as they fly past. They are awkward to hit, but they die in one shot, and after that, all you need to do is chase down their little round body that will roll across the ground and loot it. This will get you some Gnat Fuzz, which is a surprisingly valuable resource that you will need to craft some pretty important items.

If you get to the Mysterious Machine, and there are no gnats around, just wait for a while and some are bound to show up.