How to get Goldtusk in Destiny 2

It’s just like the Quickfang, but better.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

The Goldtusk is a Legendary Sword in Destiny 2 capable of extremely swift strikes. Lightweight Frame gives increased movement speed, and the Whirlwind Blade perk means that consecutive hits will increase the weapon’s damage. Goldtusk does Void damage and uses heavy ammo.

To get this sword, you need to complete the Heroic Menagerie using the Hunter Class, as it is a Hunter specific sword. Unlike other Menagerie related weapons, you do not need a Rune recipe, and instead, it can randomly drop when you beat the boss. As such, getting the Gold Tusk is just about grinding Heroic Menagerie runs until you are lucky enough to get the drop. 

To run the Heroic Menagerie, go to your Director, then Nessus, and then click on the Menagerie icon on Calus’ ship. Select Heroic, and remember that you will need to be more powerful to survive this than the standard version. Regular Menagerie runs are 690 Power, while the Heroic Menagerie is 740. You also only get one shot at each event and need to fill the progress bar before finishing the last one, or you will be sent back to Orbit.

Goldtusk Stats

  • Swing Speed – 82
  • Impact – 40
  • Range – 28
  • Efficiency – 55
  • Defense – 55
  • Ammo Capacity – 64

Goldtusk Perks

Goldtusk can drop with the following perks:

Perk 1: Hungry Edge, Enduring Blade, Honed Edge, Jagged Edge, Tempered Edge.

Perk 2: Swordmaster’s Guard.

Perk 3: En Garde, Relentless Strikes, Tireless Blade.

Perk 4: Whirlwind Blade, Assassin’s Blade, Surrounded.

While god rolls will often come down to individual preference and playstyle, Tempered Edge, Relentless Strikes, Surrounded/Whirlwind Blade would all be superb perks to get on this weapon.