How to get Gomamon in Digimon Survive

A little kindness goes a long way.

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Unlike most other wild Digimon, you don’t recruit Gomamon by negotiating with it during battle. Instead, you have to progress to a certain point in the story, after which you can find and help Gomamon in order to add them to your roster. You will interact with Gomamon (a different Gomamon) a few times before you can befriend it, though, so don’t be surprised when you can’t add one to your collection right away.

Gomamon is a Rookie Defense Digimon that stands out for its durability, as well as its solid special attack, Marching Fishes, which deals water damage over medium range. It is perhaps more useful in the long run, though, for its multiple evolution lines, which include more powerful Champion Digimon like the water specialist Ikkakumon. Here is how you can get Gomamon in Digimon Survive.

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How to recruit Gomamon in Digimon Survive

You come across this recruitable Gomamon during Part 3 of the story, after you fight Fangmon on the dam. Shortly after this fight, you’ll enter a Free Choice section of the game, with a few options of places to spend your time. During this time, you need to head to the Forest outside the school, where you will run into Kunemon. After learning how to decipher Kunemon’s movements, they will direct you toward a new area called the Spider Lily Forest, where you find Agumon, Falcomon, and Labramon.

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Here, you will notice a mysterious rustling coming from a patch of tall grass. The Digimon in your party will warn you to take care searching the area, but Labromon seems to think the source of the noise isn’t dangerous. Upon investigation of the patch of grass, you will find an injured Gomamon, presumably hiding from you. At this point you can work to heal the Gomamon’s wounds. This wins the Gomamon over, bringing them to your roster for good.