How to get Horse Chestnut weapons and armor in Final Fantasy XIV

A variety of armor and weapons for you to equip.

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There are numerous weapons and armor you can unlock and obtain in Final Fantasy XIV. Many of these are acquired through the crafting professions or by completing specific dungeons and rolling for loot as you unlock Treasure Coffers along the way. Alternatively, you may receive some as you progress through the Main Scenario Quest. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Horse Chestnut weapons and armor in Final Fantasy XIV.

When you’re initially working your way through Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion Main Scenario Quest, you’ll receive them as you steadily work your way through the game to increase the Item Level of your character from Horse Chestnut Coffers. You will need to have the Endwalker expansion and to reach level 80 to wield these items. When you open the Coffer, it will provide you a Weapon or piece of Armor from your Job’s Weapon and Armor pool.

Later on, if you meet the level requirements for the Disciple of Hand profession at level 81. The crafter will need various ingredients to make these weapons and armor, and they will vary for each version of it. The crafter versions of these weapons and armor boost your item level to 515. These are good items to have on the market board if you’re looking to assist players prepare for the beginning of Endwalker content. These weapons are dyeable.