How to get inside the Maelstrom warehouse and complete the Lousy Kleppers gig – Cyberpunk 2077

Did you lose something?

Maelstrom in Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the major gangs in the game, and they’re all about technology. In the Lousy Kleppers gig, a small army of gang members has stolen a Malorian van and are storing it in a warehouse. You’ll need to sneak into the warehouse, grab the van, and get out of there to return the stolen goods.

Where to find Malestrom Warehouse

You can find the Maelstorm Warehouse holding the Malorian van on Offshore Street. It’s right in the middle of the Northside district.

How to get inside the Maelstrom Warehouse

The Maelstrom warehouse is heavily guarded, and if you walk up to the front door, you’ll quickly be turned away. Your best bet to sneak into the facility is to go to the left of the front door and find the opening on the side. A large part of the wall is leaning over, making it an ideal entrance for you to sneak inside. However, before you do, make sure to breach the camera above the stairwell. You can ping all of the enemies nearby, and you can disable the cameras to make your progress easier.

After you disable the cameras, ping for enemies, and enter the area, the two guards talking on the stairwell to your left will continue talking. The one at the top of the stairs will eventually go inside, and you can distract the one that remains outside to take them out and dump the body. Make your way up the stairs where the guard had walked, and you’ll be able to enter the warehouse.

How to find the databank for the Malorian Van

When you enter this part of the building, the guard who walked in will be on the left side of you. You’ll need to wait a few seconds because they’re talking with other Maelstrom members down below, and they’ll notice you taking out their friend. They may catch you regardless and become alert but not know what’s going on.

There are four guards inside the warehouse. Three on the ground floor, with two being in the center, close to the van, and one-off to the right side. The fourth one is on the highest floor, but they’re not overlooking you so you can dismiss them. To take out the two guards on the ground floor, distract the one furthest away from you, and then take them out one at a time. To the right of these two, the third ground floor guard might see you, so we recommend distracting them too when moving those two bodies. You do need to take out all of the guards on the ground floor to access the van.

When you approach the van, on the other side, there is a table where you can find the databank file. Grab the file, and then retreat back out of the warehouse. All you need to do is leave the area, so you can return the way you came. When you leave, you’ll need to drop the file off at a drop point, and then you’ll have completed the mission.