How to get into the Yard to save the Handsome Shy Guy in Toad Town – Paper Mario The Origami King

Let’s dive in.

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In the opening few hours of Paper Mario The Origami King, as you slowly start to get used to the controls, Nintendo will get you to grips with the games many new functions by giving you a series of objectives to perform to progress.

One of these includes heading to the Sewers to reach Peach’s Castle after finding that the bridge in Toad Town is destroyed. This will eventually take you to a place beside the broken bridge where a Red Shy guy will be waiting.

When you rescue him he will inform you to enter the Sewers you will need to find another Shy Guy that isn’t quite as handsome somewhere, and while there are multiple ones you need to find, the Shy Guy in question can be located just below the Sewer’s entrance in the mouth of a large Goomba.

He is trapped within a Yard next to the house, and at first glance, there doesn’t appear to be a way to get into it. So what exactly do you need to do?

For starters, enter the house beside the Yard, and you’ll enter the main room. To your right, you will notice a set of drawers that you can hit with your hammer to create a platform for Mario to jump up on.

When you do this, hit the window on top of the set of drawers to open them and give you a section to jump into the finally enter that Yard area!