How to get Iron Nuggets and Clay in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Go smack those rocks!

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Screengrab via Nintendo

Iron Nuggets and Clay are some of the most vital ingredients for crafting in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

They are used in practically everything from making better equipment to creating simple items for your island, such as Fences. They are also used a lot throughout the main “story” to create bridges, stores, and more, so having a lot of them stored up is vital to making your island look the paradise it deserves to be.

Sadly, not with more items in-game, New Horizons doesn’t exactly tell you where to find them. Thankfully we are here to fill that void, so let’s tell you exactly where you can get those sought after resources.

To get Iron Nuggets and Clay, you will need to have a Shovel or Axe and find one of the many rocks around your town. There are usually six in total.

Hitting these rocks will give you an assortment of items, including rocks as well as Iron Nuggets and Clay. Just a word of advice, though, the better the durability of your item, the better the chance of getting more Iron Nuggets and Clay.

For instance, an Upgrade Shovel, which you can get the DIY recipe for from the Resident Service ATM, has higher durability and a better chance of getting Iron Nuggets or Clay from a stone.

You can only hit each stone a total of nine times each day. If you’ve hit every stone around your island the maximum amount of times, getting the maximum amount of items, you’ll have to wait for the next day to get more resources.