How to Get Lava Nugget in Monster Hunter: World


As we all know, there are many coveted materials in Monster Hunter: World and the game is less about defeating monsters and more about collecting just the right ingredients to build the perfect set of armor to defeat a specific monster. You do so mostly by beating up on other monsters and thus the cycle of farming and grinding in Monster Hunter: World is completed.

A particularly interesting material is the Lava Nugget and this guide will help you acquire it.

What is a Lava Nugget

The Lava Nugget is a rarity 6 material in Monster Hunter: World and described as follows:

A rare conglomerate or ore found growing on Uragaan. Comprised of various ores, melted together.

The Lava Nugget is a vital ingredient of the Uragaan armor set and as the description gives away, can be found by defeating Uragaans in the wild.

How to Get Lava Nugget in Monster Hunter: World
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How to Get Lava Nuggets

As the Lava Nugget description indicates, Lava Nuggets can be found on Uragaans but they won’t part with them easily. You’ll likely have to go through a number of battles to obtain the highly coveted Lava Nuggets you’re after. You’ll be most successful at finding Lava Nuggets by carving up the body of an Uragaan, but there is also a pretty good chance of receiving one as a shiny drop or from your Palico.

If you need some help defeating the Uragaan, this video by the Boss Fight Database is quite useful.

Other Ways to Get Lava Nuggets

If you’re absolutely not in the mood for a fight or tracking down an Uragaan in the wild, you have a small chance of receiving a Lava Nugget as a reward for completing the optional A Fiery Convergence level 7 quest. Of course, the quest tasks you with hunting an Uragaan anyway, but this would be your best chance of success.

Now that you know how to track down Lava Nuggets, be sure to head over to our Monster Hunter: World Guide Hub for more help finding rare materials.