How to get Lavos in Warframe

The Alchemist.

Image via Digital Extremes

Lavos has arrived in Warframe, and to get your hands on him you will need to take part in Operation Operation: Orphix Venom. This event will see you taking on the Sentient threat in your Necramech, after your Warframes are rendered useless by Sentient technology.

If you don’t have a Necramech yet, then don’t fear, the event will automatically provide one for you. During the event you will need to gather Phasic Cells, and you can then use these to purchase the parts for Lavos from Father at the Necralisk on Deimos.

  • Lavos Blueprint – 1500 Phasic Cells
  • Lavos Chassic Blueprint – 1000 Phasic Cells
  • Lavos Neuroptics Blueprint – 1000 Phasic Cells
  • Lavos Systems Blueprint – 1000 Phasic Cells

How to start Operation Orphix Venom

You can start the Operation in the Navigation screen. Just click on the Alerts tab, then the first Orphix Venom section to start the first mission. You will need to work with other players to take out the Sentient threat.

Each Orphix will be marked by a white waypoint and will spawn Orphix Resonators that are marked by red waypoints. You need to destroy these Resonators to get a damage phase against the Orphix. Go through enough damage phases and you can kill it completely, then a new one will spawn somewhere on the map.

Each Orphix that you kill is worth points, and those points are then converted into Phasic Cells, although we are unsure of the conversion rate just yet.

This guide is under construction.