How To Get The Lord of Wolves Catalyst In Destiny 2

Destiny: The Taken King Chaperone Shotgun

The Lord of Wolves Catalyst is in Destiny 2 with the Season of Dawn update. Catalysts are potent additions to Exotic weapons in Destiny 2. When found, they can add to the gun, then charge by completing a small quest. When fully activated, they bestow a unique benefit to the weapon. You find catalysts by doing many different activities in the game, although not all Exotic weapons currently have Catalysts.

You can grab the Lord of Wolves catalyst by completing a match in the Crucible playlist, the Gambit playlist, or Strikes. It can drop as a reward at the end of the activity.

When the Catalyst fully charges, the weapon also becomes Masterworked and generates Orbs on multikills, and gain a tracker that will display the number of enemies defeated with it. To fully charge the Lord of Wolves Catalyst, you will need to get 500 kills with the weapon. These kills can come from any activity in the game.

When you complete it, the Catalyst increases the weapon’s reloading speed while the Release the Wolves Perk is active, and improves stability when it is not active.

While the Lord of Wolves is not the same weapon that terrified Guardians in the Crucible before a recent nerf, it is still a practical and fun weapon to use, and this Catalyst will only improve how it performs in the game. While it might seem like a lot of work to rack up those 500 kills, it will almost certainly be worth it.