How to get low-grade bait in Moonglow Bay

Start catching medium-sized fish.

Moonglow Bay

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Moonglow Bay is a simulation title with a core gameplay loop that hinges upon fishing. Without it, the rest of the game would not exist as is. We have a detailed explanation of how fishing works, but you’ll need more than the basics to progress at a decent rate. Read our guide below to learn how to acquire low-grade fishing bait.

Low-grade bait is a limited resource that attracts both small and medium-sized fish. The opening hour gifts 20 low-grade bait from the outset, but that isn’t going to last forever. To get more low-grade fishing bait, you’ll need to find dark specs along the sand. These are minuscule mightbugs, also referred to as rhino sand fleas, which are necessary for the low-grade bait. An icon will show up indicating you’re at a net fishing spot.

Press the A button to initiate the net fishing activity. Once in position, press A to begin prepping the net. Use the spring-like icon that appears on the sand to determine when to throw the net. Pressing A at the height of the icon’s reach, for example, leads to throwing the net further. This isn’t always ideal as you may throw the net into the water, missing the sand completely.

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Hold the right trigger to pull the netting toward you meanwhile catching as many minuscule mightbugs as possible with the left analog stick. When finished net fishing, head home and select the low-grade bait recipe from the cooking menu. All that’s needed for preparation is any small fish and a minuscule mightbug. Each bug results in three low-grade bait, letting you amass up to 12 low-grade bait with just one fish and four mightbugs. The bait is incredibly simple to make, only requiring players to chop the fish. Press the associated button in timing with the blue sections along the circle to chop.

Conversely, you can also exchange small fish or bugs for low-grade bait at the Sea Market in town. However, the Sea Market doesn’t open until after unlocking all the fishing rods.