How to get lure charges for the Cryptolith Lure in Destiny 2

Time for a hunt.

Image via Bungie

The season of the hunt has officially begun in Destiny 2, and it kicks off with players working alongside the Spider and the newly reborn Crow. You’ll be hunting various enemies and powerful adversaries, and to capture them, you’ll need to use the Cryptolith Lure. You receive the lure by speaking to the Spider in the Tangled Shore and starting the season of the hunt.

Where to get lure charges for the Cryptolith Lure

Your Cryptolith Lure requires charges for you to use it. These charges are obtained by completing one of the three types of content in Destiny 2. From what we can tell from our experience, it looks like it will take your three to four runs through each bit of content to earn a full charge.

  • Crucible matches
  • Gambit matches
  • Strikes

Completing Crucible matches

Your Cryptolith Lure receives charge for every successful Crucible match you complete. You don’t have to win the match, so participating and going until the end will net you more energy for a charge.

Completing Gambit matches

Much like Crucible, you can increase your Cryptolith Lure charge by successfully completing a Gambit match. Even if you don’t win, and the enemy stomps you, your Cryptolith Lure will receive a small portion of a charge.

Completing Strikes

The Strikes you play in Destiny 2 will give you an ample boost for your Cryptolith Lure. However, you can also earn more charges by taking down challenging combatants, the named enemies with yellow health bars, and defeating enemies by hitting precision damage.

Once you have a full charge, you can participate in a hunt. Your Cryptolith Lure can contain three charges before you need to use one.