How to get Mega Gengar Energy in Pokémon Go Halloween 2020

Don’t look into its eyes.

Image via Niantic

Mega-Evolved Pokémon are extremely powerful in Pokémon Go, and not every Pokémon has the capacity to reach this level of evolution. Only a select handful can become this strong, which means having enough Mega Energy to use this evolution repeatedly due to the eight-hour timer these transformations have. Just in time for Halloween, Mega Gengar will be coming to Pokémon Go for the Halloween 2020 event. But only select trainers can unlock it.

Mega Gengar is accessible by trainers who completed the Mega Buddy Challenge, timed research was released in September. For those who did not complete this timed research, you will not be able to unlock Mega Gengar for the Halloween 2020 timed research available on October 25.

The most effective way to acquire Mega Gengar energy is by completing the new timed research task A Spooky Message Unmasked. It will be available on October 25 from 8 AM to 10 PM in your local time zone. There will be four tasks associated with the research, and you have a little over 12 hours to complete all four tasks to earn all of the energy you can acquire for the event.

Mega Gengar will also be available in Mega Raids starting on October 23. You and your friends can attempt to encounter it to take it down, but the raids won’t provide as much energy as A Spooky Message Unmasked timed research does.