How to Get Modern Aesthetics – The Bold And the Braid in Final Fantasy XIV

You can grab The Bold And The Braid hairstyle by working your way through a specific activity in Final Fantasy XIV.


Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV is full of ways to change and tweak your character’s cosmetics to make them unique. One great way to do this is through hairstyles, such as the Modern Aesthetics – The Bold And The Braid, that you can unlock for your character.

The way you go about unlocking this character will require you to complete a specific activity, but you’ll need to do it multiple times before it becomes available to you. Thankfully, it’s something you can choose to do by yourself, or you can take a small group of friends to complete it multiple times over. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the modern aesthetics – The Bold And The Braid hairstyle in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where To Get The Bold And The Braid Hairstyle in Final Fantasy XIV

Image via Square Enix

For anyone who wants to unlock the Modern Aesthetics – The Bold And The Braid, you’ll have to work your way through the Aloalo Island Variant Dungeon. This dungeon was added in the 6.51 Update for Final Fantasy XIV, allowing anyone to work through it. However, it is required to have completed the “A Satrap’s Duty” Main Scenario Quest, which appeared in Final Fantasy XIV’s 6.1 update. This does mean anyone who wants to work on this quest and progress through the Variant Dungeon will need to have purchased and completed the Endwalker expansion.

After you’ve reached this point in the Main Scenario Quest, proceed over to Old Sharlayan and speak with Shallow Moor at coordinates (X:12.0, Y:13.3). Shallow Moor will give you the quest called Stranger From Paradise, and you’ll be able to proceed to Aloalo Island. You can work through it by yourself, or you can take a party of four players to work through it together. You might be working on it to complete the 12 Conservation Records, unique to each path within the dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV.

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Now, after completing the dungeon several times, make your way back to Old Sharlayan, speak with Trisassant, and ask to spend your Aloalo Potsherds. You will need at least six Aloalo Potsherds on your Final Fantasy XIV character to unlock it and add the Modern Aesthetics – The Bold And The Braid to your character’s hairstyle collection.