How to get Monster Bone S in Monster Hunter Rise

Upgrade your weapons and armor with Monster Bone S resources.

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The monster resources you find throughout your travels in Monster Hunter Rise will be extremely useful in crafting many of your weapons and equipment in the game. You can obtain many of these resources by hunting down monsters, but you can also find them on the ground and in specific locations. Monster Bone S is one of these items. Here’s what you need to know about where to get Monster Bone S in Monster Hunter Rise.

There are a handful of ways you can go about obtaining Monster Bone S. You can find them in bone piles throughout the Shrine Ruins, Flooded Forest, Frost Islands, Sandy Plains, or the Lava Caverns. The bone piles you’re looking for will be low-rank locations, so if you’re attempting to work on a high-rank monster mission, you will find different resources at these bone piles.

You can also loot them off the Gargwa or Great Izuchi from low-rank missions. Like the low-rank locations, you want to make sure you hunt down these creatures during low rank missions. However, Gargwa also has a chance to drop Monster Bone S in high-rank missions, and they are the only creature to do this.

The final way to obtain Monster Bone S is by completing rank one and two Hub Quests or rank three Village quests. There’s a chance Monster Bone S will be given you as a reward for completing any quests at these ranks. A good way to make sure you obtain a large amount of Monster Bone S is to grab a rank one or two Hub Quest, hunt for a Great Izuchi, and then try to visit all of the bone pile locations in any of the previously listed regions.

You won’t be going after Monster Bone S forever in Monster Hunter Rise, but it will be a good early resource for you to grab the earlier weapons and armor.