How to get more Inventory Space in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

More spaces needed.

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Let’s face it; there isn’t that much starting inventory space in your bag in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The 20 starter slots you are given fill up quickly when you start equipping the gear that you need for your daily island life, as well as the number of resources you need on your person just in case that equipment breaks at any time.

Thankfully though, Nintendo thought it was best to add additional inventory spaces in the game for people to unlock over time. Granted, you wouldn’t know this without knowing were to look at the developers decided not to tell anyone that this feature existed.

So, how exactly do you go about getting more inventory space in New Horizons?

You can find upgrades for your bag space in the ATM in Nook Services as you progress through the game. They will have the name “Pocket Organization Guide” and will cost various amounts of Bells.

There are two upgrades you can get for your Inventory—the first costs 5,000 Bells. The second, which is 8,000 Bells, will unlock once you upgrade Resident Services later on after upgrading it.

Each upgrade gives you 10 extra spaces in your bag at a given time, so buying both of them during your playthrough gives you a total of 20 extra slots to store items. Honestly, we advise people to prioritize this as the extra space helps you throughout the game when it comes to going to visit friends, selling items, or going on Mystery Tours.