How to Get More Stims for BD-1 in Jedi: Fallen Order


Stims are extremely important in Jedi: Fallen Order. BD-1 uses them to heal Cal during combat, in between meditation points. Players start the game with BD-1 being able to carry two on his little droid body, but eventually, the enemies are going to get stronger, and Cal will need more of them.

Getting additional stims for BD-1 is a bit difficult, but when you get the hang of it and start looking in the right places, you’re going to find plenty of them. They’re in distinct yellow chests, which are different than the traditional white chests littered throughout the galaxy.

These yellow chests are hidden in secret places, typically away from the traditional main mission path. Players are going to need to do some exploring on each planet they’re on and to go out of their way to find them.

To find these stims, it may require additional force powers to gain access to them. If you see a pathway block or that’s red on BD-1’s holomap, it means you don’t have the correct tools to progress forward. You’re going to need to come back after you’ve completed more of the game.

These chests do not have marks on the map, so you’ll need to make sure you double-check every pathway you venture down to make sure you don’t skip one.

If you run out of healing stims, make sure to return to a meditation point to refresh them by resting here. Cal regains his health and force powers, but all enemies on the planet are also going to return, too.