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How to get Objective Defense Kills in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Hold down objectives to complete daily and event challenges.

When netting an elimination in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, players will be rewarded XP bonuses for achieving them in specific situations. This is especially true of Objective Defense Kills, but these can be done through a limited amount of modes. Although these are not needed to win matches, players must perform this type of kill to complete certain daily and event challenges in the game. Here’s how to get Objective Defense Kills in Modern Warfare 2.

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What are Objective Defense Kills in MW2?

Objective Defense Kills can be performed by eliminating an opponent while also inside an objective point that your team currently controls. That means they can only be done in Domination, Headquarters, Control and Hardpoint, as each revolves around holding down certain areas on the map. As shown below, you will be notified when this sort of kill is made when the game lists “defense” next to the amount of XP you earned.

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As some challenges require players to net as many as 100 Objective Defense Kills, the best method to collecting several in a single match is by staying in a given objective point’s highlighted circle until enemies attempt to take it over. Additionally, we highly recommend players set down a Tactical Insertion in these spaces, as they will automatically transport you to their dropped spot upon dying.

Of course, your weapon will also make an impact on how fast you will see Objective Defense Kills stack up. The best route to take is by adding either an assault rifle or SMG to your loadout. At the moment, the M13B is one of the most respected ARs to date, while the FSS Hurricane can also be a great tool for protecting your team’s objectives.

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