How to get On Blade’s Edge orchestrion in Final Fantasy XIV

Test your luck.

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If you’re keen to add a specific type of soundtrack to your collection in Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll want to find them by completing some of the more challenging pieces of content in the game. For example, if you’re hunting down the On Blade’s Edge orchestrion sheet, you’ll need to try your luck with the treasure maps in Endwalker. This guide covers how to get the On Blade’s Edge orchestrion sheet in Final Fantasy XIV.

The only way to obtain the On Blade’s Edge orchestrion sheet is to undergo the Excitatron 6,000 dungeon. You only have a 50 percent chance of triggering this dungeon by completing Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Maps. These treasure maps only drop by completing any level 90 gathering professions, such as Fishing, Mining, or Botany. When you find a treasure map, you’ll want to have a full party of eight players working together to complete it, and when you finish it, the Excitatron 6,000 has a chance to trigger.

Inside the dungeon, you’ll need to complete the various stages by defeating the creatures inside them to progress through. However, you won’t always continue into the next room. Whenever you choose one of the two available doors, there’s a chance you and your party could be pulled from the dungeon, forcing you to try another day again. Each room you open features a treasure coffer, with a chance of the On Blade’s Edge orchestrion sheet to appear.