How to get out of the Shovel cave in Sons of the Forest

Time to blow up a mutant.

Image via Steam

Sons of the Forest has plenty of caves for you to explore and you can find several different items, including a 3D Printer. One cave though is giving players trouble because it’s tough to find the exit. If you’re struggling to find your way out of the Shovel cave in Sons of the Forest, we’ll show you what to do below.

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How to exit the Shovel cave in Sons of the Forest

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you haven’t entered the cave yet to acquire the Shovel, you need to first get your hands on some explosives. You can find Frag Grenades or C4 Explosives at different spots in the forest, so make sure you have a couple of them stored in your inventory. Next, you will need the Rebreather and Rope Gun to make your way to the end of the cave.

Once you have successfully made it to the Shovel inside the cave, you will notice that you can not go forward. Unlike other caves, which offer a second pathway to reach the exit, the Shovel cave requires you to return to the entrance. However, when you’re going back, a mutant will appear on the wall and block your way. This is a tough mutant, so your melee attacks won’t work on it, even if you have the Katana in your hands. Instead, you need to use explosives against it.

Fortunately, if you’re following along, you should have plenty of explosives at your disposal. That said, if you are already inside the cave without pre-planning as we suggested, you should look around for containers near the mutant. Inside these containers, you will find a couple of Frag Grenades. To use them, open your inventory and access the briefcase on the right side. Equip the Frag Grenades from there, and blow the mutant up with them. Once done, you will be able to make your way outside.